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Want To Try Get Noticed? Empty Want To Try Get Noticed?

Post  TheRoyalKenyan on Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:04 pm

Want To Try Get Noticed? Hitmanlogoo

Want to get noticed by the hitman Agency?, do you want to be apart of this profession? There are two ways that you can get noticed either we come to you by randomly picking you from our data program, when you get chosen from our program we will monitor your every move and see if you are worthy. Another way you can get noticed is by filling out a application, if your application is up to scratch then you will automatically get monitored, after a couple of days to a week you will get your answer whether you are accepted. If you take this information to try and catch and find the identity then you will taken out (( Bearing in mind if you get killed by a hitman you lose all memory of this agency and your hitman that was assigned to you, if you tell anyone about the identity of the Hitmen you will be banned for a certain amount of time))


((In Character))




Birth Place:

Years in Country ((level 1 in game = 1 year))

Contact Number:


Photo of applicant:

Licenses Check:

Current employment & description:



Do you know your way well around San Andreas?

Why do you wish to join the Agency? ((300-400 Words))

((Out of Character))


Country of Origin:

Do you have a working microphone?

Do you have TeamSpeak?

Role-play experience?


Send this Application to lekenyan97@gmail.com


Signed TheRoyalKenyan
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